I used to buy those reflective ankle bands at cycling shops so my pants wouldn't end up caught in my chainring when I ride.

reflective ankle bands

They run around $3-$5 a piece, and I'm sure I've run through at least $30 worth of them over the past four years. After I lost the last one I bought, I got tired of every loss involving a trip to a cycling shop and a $5 expenditure.

Solution? Rubber bands.

rubber band restraining pant leg

They're smaller, less likely to fall out of pockets, and when lost involve only forcing oneself to endure another portion of organic broccoli. I'll try not to lose them too often intentionally as a result.

And if you want to turn that elastic band shiny and reflective, you could spray glitter paint on it! Although the surface area still won't be as great.
Comment by brainwane [dreamwidth.org] Mon 22 Mar 2010 02:34:21 PM UTC
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Yeah, I feel like they're more useful for their pants-saving functionality than the reflectiveness though, so I'm not too worried about shiny-ness. I have front and tail lights which work pretty well for visibility.
Comment by christine-spang [myopenid.com] Sat 27 Mar 2010 02:42:24 AM UTC