I meant to participate in Ada Lovelace Day, a day to celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments of women in science and technology, but I got distracted and then it was late and I fell asleep. Such is my life. Anyway, I'd like to acknowledge a woman who I've only recently met, mostly through the Free Software Foundation's women's outreach events.

Marina Zhurakhinskaya works for RedHat, and is a developer for GNOME Shell. She's always enthusiastic about sharing her work with other people in person and inviting others to get involved, and is one of those people who is in there every day getting stuff done. I wish I were as confident about the things that I work on.

Marina has also been working on the second incarnation of the GNOME Women's Summer Outreach Program, I believe. And she keeps giving talks all over the place, which is great! Go visibility. Now if only she would blog more. ;)

I'd never met Marina before last September, despite living in the same metropolitan area! I'm glad women that I don't know about and who work on free software exist and that I get to meet them and find out that they live nearby.

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Wow, Christine, thank you so much! I also find the confidence with which you approach various projects and technologies very inspiring! Moreover, your reports about life at MIT make me feel the good nostalgia on a regular basis! I'm not sure what I'll do when you graduate ;)!! Also, thanks for the hint, I will try to blog more ;).
Comment by Marina Sun 04 Apr 2010 08:37:03 PM UTC