Bands of America Eastern Regional gets rained out. Thank you tropical storms. Not only did it pour all day Friday and Saturday, flooding the turf field at Towson University, but the organizers were unable to find a backup place to hold an indoor music performance (the forecast should have been enough to have this arranged ahead of time). The next day it wasn't raining at all, but there was no rescheduling. I really do hope that attending schools are getting some sort of refund, as we just basically spent $25,000 on this:

Basically, they bussed us to Washington, D.C. (an hour or so's drive) to visit the Smithsonian so that we wouldn't destroy the hotel out of boredom on Saturday (which definitely would have happened). "I think I see the capitol... over there, sort of... squint some more!"

While the trip overall was a real let-down, especially for the last one I'll get to go on, there were a few fun moments.

Yes, those are bed sheets.

A band trip tradition: decorating the bus windows with electrical tape.



Six Flags America was still fun. I'd rather have been competing.