Posting this today, as I don't know how busy I will be tomorrow afternoon with packing and things, and really need to get to studying for a biology exam.

Tomorrow night, the WG Symphony is heading off for Williamsburg and Richmond, Virginia, to play in a festival. Actually, the only real work we're doing involved approximately 4 hours; the rest is pure fun (and missed class). Read: Colonial Williamsburgh and Bush Gardens.

I have to say, though, that whoever planned this trip was frigging insane. We're spending three days out, and spending a grand total of one in a hotel. One. Driving all night there, all night back. I love trying to scratch six hours of sleep curled up in a comfy bucket seat, chilling with 30 other talking and yelling musicians. Pure bliss.

I plan to be very, very dead on Monday.

Later guys! :)