I'd just like to point out that that phrase (i.e. "teenage ch1x0r) is not mine. It's Erinn's, actually. So no, I'm not doing some strange sort of self promotion. <grin>

Two days ago, I was browsing Debian Planet in my RSS aggregator, and stumbled across this entry in Hanna Wallach's blog. Curiousity piqued, I ventured over to the Debian Women site and browsed around a bit. Not too much later, I checked out #debian-women channel on freenode.

A day after that, I am a complete convert (not to mention IRC lurker). The people on the project are, undoubtedly, some of the friendliest and coolest people that I have ever met, 'net or not. Erinn, Hanna, Helen, (see here), and quite a few others (too many to name and list) have been extremely welcoming and helpful.

I look forward to doing more things in the future with these people and Debian, and encourage others to check out Debian, D-W, or just Linux in general! (Guys welcome too: as long as you're interested in helping out.)

Thank you, girls (and some guys, too)! :)