This weekend's been fairly busy here.

Friday night, I watched the Syracuse NCAA basketball game with a couple friends, and then spent the night. They didn't seem to be in their element, and had a couple iffy calls against them (<COUGH> technical foul). Though I figured that they'd have a good chance of taking the game when it went into overtime.

It's almost shocking that they lost, at least IMO. I probably won't watch any other games; I hear that there were some other upsets as well, and I don't follow much else that's not SU anyway. Oh well. The scene (Lee, Sarah, and Mandy are friends):

First half:

Lee: "They suck, they're down by 2." Me: "Nah, they'll come back. Two's nothing." Sarah and Mandy: (making cupcakes in the background)


Me: "Crap, we're screwed." Sarah: "Fu..dge, we're screwed. Overtime, please..." Mandy and Lee: "They suck."

(After Vermont made that insane 3-pointer.)

(Group just sits there with jaws hanging.) Me: "That was insane. No way." Sarah: (starts attacking the tv) Lee: (laughs at Sarah and me) Mandy: (takes blackmail worthy pictures of Sarah and me getting into it)

At least I don't feel so bad about missing tip off, due to raiding a neighbour's basement for condensed milk (don't ask). (No, they weren't home.) (Yes, they had a dog.)

Last night, I had a gig with my brass quintet at a local church dinner (not my own). I never want to eat at another church function again. Let's just say that I'm sick as a dog, in a way that usually happens after eating improperly cooked food or else. Keep that bathroom close, and drink lots of water.