A recent Supreme Court decision wrapped up Roper v. Simmons, concluding in a 5-4 vote that capital punishment for killers who were under the age of 18 when they committed their crimes is unconstitutional. ABC News gives the full story.

It's a positive step for the US to make bounds towards catching up with the rest of the "civilized" world; the US has been the lone superpower still allowing this to occur for some time. I'm sitting here snickering over the fact that 13 of the 22 minors that have been executed for capital crimes over the years were carried out in Texas. Dubyah & Co., anyone?

Hopefully over the next few years the death penalty will be completely abolished -- it's funny in a sadistic sort of way that half the nation is all gung-ho to support Bush's "democracy spreading" while still having some of the most undemocratic laws of any democratic nation.