From Newsforge:

What if Apple sells Mac OS for non-Apple PCs?

Imagine being able to buy whatever PC hardware you wanted -- or at least select a box from one of a long list of "approved" vendors -- and install Mac OS X on it. Suddenly Mac would be a viable competitor for Microsoft.

And desktop Linux would get lost in the crossfire.

Ummm... no. ... Probably half of all desktop Linux advocacy right now is devoted to saying, "Yes, there is an operating system other than Windows that runs on most of the same systems that run Windows."

If Apple wants to take on this burden, it's fine with me. I'll cheer Apple, loudly, if and when I start seeing ads telling the desktop-using public they now have a choice in PC operating systems for common, low-cost x86 hardware.

Thank you. Also, I seem to have started having dreams (nightmares?) about breaking/flooding Planet Debian. And am not even syndicated there yet, though am supposedly in the process of being soon. This is strange. <cough>