I liked being on Varsity Track & Field, for the one year that I did, don't get me wrong. I intend to re-join "the team" next year (someone please remind of this next January). I've found, though, that there are a lot of things that I like about not being on "the team" too.

1.) Run on your own schedule. None of this "two hours after school, every day, even days off, and meets on weekends" crap. I run when I want to. Three PM. Nine PM. Eleven PM. Five AM. Works.

1a.) This means it doesn't conflict with brass ensemble or private lessons.

2.) Can take three days off, start back refreshed, and don't have to worry about not being able to keep up with everybody else. Running six days a week is HARD, and it takes its toll on the body. Plus, there are days when academic pressures simply don't leave a whole lot of free time. At least when you get back, you remember how much you like doing it, not how much you hurt from not getting any breaks.

3.) Manage your own schedule. I feel like running three miles, I run three miles. I feel like six, I go for six. Run/bike down to the track and do some speedwork? Done. It's fun to decide what you're going to do. Tomorrow I have planned speedwork at the track, weather depending (supposed to rain), and Friday is going to be long run day unless I hurt too much, in which case I'll throw in a couple easy miles then, and delay the long run to Saturday. This week's going to be somewhat lighter than last week, because of my three day break.

I've also decided that my goal is to make everybody in the neighbourhood think that WG marching band is some sort of fascist dictator-run cult (oh wait, it is...) by wearing marching band shirts while running all the time. Sometimes at crazy hours. Doing hill sprints. One and two and three and four! Hup to it! Pump those legs! Run, damnit! Pushups! Crunches! Go, go, go!

I was going to add something else too, but I can't seem to think of what it was. Uh... no more rubber bands on the braces... hmm.