It's funny how as soon as I decide that maybe backing up my database every night is overkill, and I should only do it once a week, I have to suddenly move servers working completely off of backup. (That's the short version of the story.) At least my cruft-cleaning got done for me!

So, if anybody has the text of whatever I posted that's not included in this backup from RSS or something of the sort, I would really appreciate having 'em mailed to me at christine_dot_spang_at_gmail_dot_com. If not, then it's no big loss.

On the plus side of things, all the flaky service crap should be gone now, because if anything goes wrong with this server, then a lot of people notice -- fast. That also happens next to never. This is Orthanc, the main server powering Shadows of Isildur. This site used to be on a secondary server, which now no longer exists.

Dynamic link rewriting should be fixed as of now; all that I need to do is fix broken links to images and the few music files I had uploaded, and then things should be back to normal again. Let me know if you see anything weird.