I finally got around to asking my sysadmin to set me up with the things I need to move my weblog to this site, using the nifty WordPress blogging software. It should also put some life into this tired, boring site. <g>

I might keep my Livejournal account around for the boring stories of my life that I keep around for personal nostalgia, or I might import them all over here. Haven't decided yet.

Yes, this is the default (ugly) WordPress theme. No, it will not remain the default theme. No, the site will not remain laid out as it is now. I fully intend to create a whole new design, though it may take a bit to get into place. Don't have a lot of PHP experience and I'll probably end up breaking things a ton, heh. All part of the fun.

Look for this site to have lots of problems and be broken not infrequently over the next couple weeks.