So, I've recently switched to Mutt for mail-reading purposes, and aside from it taking a motherload of all time to get all the necessary parts setup and configured properly having never done it before, I am so far extremely happy. It looks like it's going to be a huge timesaver overall once I have everything tweaked to my liking. Yay for Erinn giving me her super muttrc file which was incredibly helpful and neato. (Though I'm still tweaking the display colours in it: I agree, helix, I don't like yours. :-p)

All I need to do now is get my spam filtering setup in both procmail and the necessary hooks in Mutt, and add a few macros of my own. (And finish fleshing out my aliases.) Oh, and I need to fix some of my procmail rules, probably to sort by List-Id instead of ^TO, because I believe many of these lists are using bcc or something which breaks my list filtering. I haven't looked at it too much yet.

One of my friends gave me lots of digital pictures from various things:

Home-brewed Halloween fun: I was traumatized that I forgot my cross at home. I also apologize for any trauma caused by this picture. (Yes, all three of us are indeed girls.)

Edit: added in proper image thumbnail to not be evil.