For my family, friends, and interested innocent bystanders: the Spang concert music warehouse. All are good quality recordings, and in the free Ogg Vorbis format. Please assume that these are for personal use only. I'd like to be able to offer more than that, but most of the works recorded here are still under copyright from their composers/arrangers. The information I've found regarding copyright law in regard to recordings is somewhat scant; if you are a copyright holder and have a problem with anything offered here, please contact me.

NYSSMA All-State Symphonic Band (December 2004)

2004-2005 West Genesee Wind Ensemble Compilation


2006 O.C.M.E.A. All-County Music Festival (January 14, 2006)


West Genesee Swing-In 2006


2005-2006 West Genesee Wind Ensemble Compilation

both CDs (in subdirs)