Last week, the reward for having survived the US History AP exam was that we got to watch movies in class. The first video that our teacher chose to show to us was, as the title says, Iron Jawed Angels. Produced by HBO films, it chronicles the events of the struggle for women to achieve suffrage in the early 1900s.

Although I was prepared to get a good four days of naptime, I was gladly suprised. The acting is suberb, the music exciting and fresh, and the storyline great. Even better, it's true, and very eye-opening to some of the things that women suffragists went through in their struggle for equality. Hilary Swank portrays a great strong heroine. Of course, I've since looked up Alice Paul and Lucy Burns out of curiosity. Learn something new every day.

I'm also happy to find out that the opening song is Vertical Horizon's "Everything You Want" -- without the words. It sounds really good that way. Clips here. Hopefully a soundtrack will eventually be released.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way. And see the film.