Thursday, February 9th My digital camera starts acting up, having strange behavior with the buttons. Friday, Feb. 10th I use HP's web-based e-mail support to appeal for help with the borkenness. I receive a response back in less than an hour giving a suggestion as to what to try. I try this and it doesn't work, so I respond with more information. I am quickly informed that it may be a hardware problem and am offered a free replacement under warranty. Sunday, February 12th I receive a second reply because I hadn't yet responded to the last one (busy that weekend). Monday, February 13th I respond with information at 4:08 PM and am called 20 minutes later for credit card information (in case I don't ship the broken camera back). Wednesday, February 15th HP ships the replacement from Texas. Monday, February 20th The replacement arrives.

Now all I need to do is drop the broken camera off at the UPS pick-up station at Staples and be done with that. Even has a pre-paid label. <3 HP.