A story from Slashdot tipped me over to Ben Maurer's blog, noting the recent Round Two of Novell's Gnome's Desktop Integration Bounty Hunt. The goal is to increase the usability and integration of different components of the Gnome desktop environment. Ben's been awarded $3000 to give out to those who specifically address memory issues.

With Gnome's legendary bloat in the Linux world (it's barely usable on a box with 128 meg of RAM), I'm excited. No, I'm not a developer, but I am excited. My Gnome desktop works fine on my box with 512 meg, but there's always room for improvement. So while the bounties don't have a direct benefit to me, there's of course that indirect benefit of the improvements that the offering of the bounties will bring to my desktop and that of many others.

Let's go Linux.