I finally managed to find a recent third party Debian package of Tomboy, a desktop note-taking applet for Gnome. A couple days ago I had built it from source, but it's a pain in the butt to set it up as a Gnome panel applet that way, and not as easy to remove.

The program's homepage does provide RPM packages for it; unfortunately, Alien didn't seem to like converting the package (or at least the package didn't end up working correctly).

So far, I'm fairly pleased, though the program obviously still has quite a way to go.

A few gripes that I've noticed:

*It uses Mono, an open source version of Microsoft's .NET framework. It would be really nice if this hadn't been necessary, as it's about the only thing that I currently run that uses the framework. The Debian packages needed to provide all its dependencies were also rather difficult to track down the exact names of.

This, however, is obviously not likely to change (though when it makes its way into the actual Debian repository, dependencies won't be a problem). Always a good idea for the future, though. ;)

*I am really not sure what exactly that logo is supposed to be. Hopefully it will eventually be redesigned or replaced, as it's rather odd looking at the moment, and looks strange on a panel.

*It is rather unstable, tending to crash when many options are used (though not on an entirely predictable basis). Being only at a 0.3 version, though, I'm not going to complain. This will obviously be addressed in the future.

I've since finished transferring all my random notes from a clunky text file into the program; it's quite handy, so far. Looking good.