I think I need to crash Firefox every once in a while to lower the amount of tabs I have open at any given time. Damn thing should be more unstable! (And session-saver, too!)

Newest Newsfeeds Cluttering My Client

CoolRunning: I'm inspired to actually plan my routines, and my competetive nature is not allowing me to settle for the sporadic 30-minute runs I usually do now. They've got a neato couch-to-5K-plan for anyone that's interested but hasn't figured out the best way yet. Pretty much at the 5K mark here, which is the goal of that program (and I generally head out more than 3 times a week). Syndicate the tips, not the news, unless you're a hardcore marathon newsbitch.

Lifehacker: Very spiff publication on "geeking to live" - mostly productivity and timesavers. A must-read.

The Morning News: A weekdaily webzine/newspaper that publishes editorials, stories, and interviews, often dripping with humour and sarcasm. My kind of stuff.

Tricks of the Trade: Random, yes. Useful? Maybe. You never know when you'll need to know how to tell whether a diamond is really or not. And they don't take long to read.

The Lazy Way to Success and Steve Pavlina's Blog: Basically time management and finding the best solution to things, in different words (e.g. 'laziness' vs. 'efficiency').

EnGadget: Technology stuff and how-tos.

ChangeThis: Manifestos that challenge the way ideas are created and spread.

Some of these will inevitably end up getting deleted if they're not found to be useful, but that always happens. Just deleted my CBC Canadian news; though the place rocks, there's usually not much to report there that is actually worth my time to read... most news I read is American politics. Thinking about trashing the BBC World feed too; it just gets so much traffic that I practically ignore it. Really don't have that much time on my hands.