I just donated $500 to OpenHatch. Here's why you should donate too:

  1. Diversity in open source matters. We can't keep making the software the world runs on without involving people of all sorts, from all backgrounds.
  2. OpenHatch is run by community members who I've known for years and trust. They care about data-driven effectiveness and are always getting better at what they do.
  3. A rising tide floats all boats. More contributors == more awesome.
  4. If you donate before December 24th, your donation makes twice the difference.

Diversity and education initiatives are the reason I'm a part of the free and open source software community today. (Thanks, Debian Women.)

You don't have to donate $500 to make a difference. $5, $10, $25— from a hundred people—all adds up.

Please join me in supporting OpenHatch today.