Busy weekend.

  • Marching band preview went well. I actually do have a couple pictures, but you'll see them later.
  • Went straight from the preview to a friend's sleepover birthday party. Needless to say, did not actually sleep that much (4 hours). Did stupid teenager stuff.
  • Went home, did NOT go to bed, played phone tag to arrange...
  • New York State Fair in the evening; saw Ted Nugent live** for a bit (for free), saw the sights, ate disgustingly tasty food which I would rather not know the ingredients of.
  • It's now... ~2 AM, and I seriously need to sleep. This week is tax free week, which means back-to-school shopping.
  • Braces off... tomorrow! (Tuesday) If all goes well.

** Don't worry, I have already shot myself. Several times. And visited several super-liberal booths like Planned Parenthood in order to cleanse what was left of myself and my friends with things like pro-choice pins, etc., plus lots of food. This guy is like the sum of all that is wrong with the USA. No wonder hippies do drugs when this guy tells you not to while giving little children semi-automatic rifles and telling them to celebrate the pride of the great white buffalo (which assholes like him killed off hundreds of years ago) or something like that ("see the magic! fight the war! shoot the magic!") The swaggering, rough-n-tough "cowboy" kind of guy (sounds familiar...), who also appears to be a child molester, or at least a crazy pervert. Who thinks that people who drink and drive are terrorists. He was wearing a raccoon tail pinned to the back of his pants for reasons unknown. I don't believe that the friend whose idea it was to go to this quite knew the extent of "Uncle Ted"'s insane political views + mentality.