Well, not literally. I did, however, push through my first run > 1 hour long (about 65 minutes) in probably two years, though, since I was last on a formal team for running. It wasn't incredibly intense (aside from the local hills), but it seemed like a nice accomplishment, which I hadn't really intended to do when heading out tonight. I'm finding it easier to put in longer distances running when there's not so much physical and mental fatigure from classes and other activities. It'll be nice to be in good shape for the family (real) camping trip to the Adirondacks coming up in two weeks (I believe), where we'll probably put in something like 30-40 miles of hiking in. Though having to wait up for the others during that does get slightly irksome.

There is rookie basics for marching band early next week, too, which I will be attending as a senior (!) to show the ropes to the incoming freshmen. My mellophone section actually has freshman this year, yes.

I am totally loving how the local temperature has finally dropped back down to bearable levels (about 21C right now, with about 70% humidity). This is warm enough for a northerner.