Presidential and Congressional ratings at a low. The real irony is in the relevent ads that happened to pop up alongside the story on CNN when I read the story. (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.) (Yes, that's my screenshot.)

WTF? Military rationality? Is there a reason that women need congressional approval to serve in high-risk combat roles? Afraid of getting flak for equal treatment?

We run cars on corn and H!

Human rights on the decline... US to blame? (Amnesty says so. I would agree most of the time.)

House passes spyware bill. Will it help? Doubt it. They should change the "click here" link at the bottom to click here. [/shameless promotion]

Why you should use an alternative IM client.

End of the Senate showdown? I like this editorial. The notes about the court of appeals nominee are particularly amusing and anger-worthy.

The House gives Bush the finger (well, sort of). Though sort of a win-lose situation. And some of the "testimonials" from certain parties are rather... amusing...

15 Ways to Dispel Evolution Attacks. Shady tactics deserve hard facts.

Why not to be an idiot. Also: anybody can be a social engineer!

Yes, this IS cool. Debian + Gnome, mmm.

There's my leftist mainstream news rants for the month. Au revoir, societal angst.