Anybody that this concerns has probably heard about this already, but I'm writing about it anyway, just because I'm really friggin' happy. Though not really "official," Adobe 7.0 for Linux is out! Having a history of bad pdf support on my Linux machine here, I am a very happy person. Gpdf and Xpdf both gave me issues that I was unable to resolve (namely, they didn't work). So, while some people may say "who needs Adobe, anyway," this is definitely a Good Thing™.

I'm also pleased to see that it has a nice, sleek interface (no more Look of 1995), is remarkably faster than it used to be (though still fairly bloated as most programs go). The browser plugin also works very well, at least when I tried it out in Firefox. No annoying contract popup whenever it's opened either (or whatever that was).

Acrobat Reader 7.0 for Linux!

I see this as a definite big step forward for the Linux desktop. Thank you, Adobe. :)