Who am I?

I'm Christine Spang. I go to MIT.

I like rock. I like free culture. I like Debian GNU/Linux, GNOME, and free and open source software. I'm vegan. I live in a co-op.

I also enjoy distance running, online roleplaying, medieval history, fantasy novels (The Lord of the Rings! A Song of Ice and Fire!) and writing. I play the French horn and like cycling, frisbee, and sailing. If that sounded like a schizophrenic switching of ideas, it probably was.

If you want that translated: I am a crazy geek hippie, and proud.


I can very often be found idling on irc.freenode.net, irc.oftc.net, and irc.gimp.net under the nick christine. Feel free to ping me there or leave a message; I'll get it eventually.


spang-at-mit-dot-edu (primary mail / Jabber)


Creative Commons License

Any worthwhile items that may creep in between the rants and life tales are licensed under a Creative Commons License. That includes essays, audio files, images, etc. ( that aren't otherwise attributed), unless otherwise noted.

GPG Key: If you've come looking for my public key, you can find it on pgp.mit.edu.

Other various things: Last.fm

Image: That's me!