BBC News reports that in a recent study, a good portion of girls aged 6-8 have been found to be dissatisfied with their bodies and think that they're too fat.

Six year olds. Too fat. Oh the insanity.

What kind of society is it that we live in today that pre-adolescent children already feel that they're not living up to some standard set in stone.? It's kind of disconcerting that the media and commerce takes advantage of the doubts and weaknesses of children that will undoubtedly lead to problems later on in life, all for increased profits. Barbie, fashion magazines, Hollywood, cartoons... what is it with the preoccupation with being pencil thin?

Of course, at 5'4" and a trim 106 lbs, I'm hardly an objective commentator. None of it's from dieting or anorexia, though. Some people naturally have a lighter body frame than others, which affects healthy weight a lot. Take your index finger and thumb and put them around your wrist - mine overlap, indicating my small body frame. Others may have higher weights and larger frames, and still be perfectly healthy.

Having recently watched the award-winning documentary Supersize Me, I'm of course aware of the fact that there's of course a problem with obesity as well. (I'm glad that I've never been a big fan of fast food after that...) The US is the fattest country in the world.

However, teaching kids to eat right and encouraging the mindset of unworthiness are two very different things. Personally, I feel that it's just an epidemic-in-the-rising caused by our great breakthroughs in technology... many of which decrease the physical activity that a person needs to perform to get through the day.

I'm also certain that the epidemic will pass. When people start showing up in hospitals in droves due to heart-related problems and Type 2 diabetes, others will eventually take it seriously that technology can't replace the body's need for exercise. If a change in mindset doesn't come around, it will likely be because other advances have rendered ways to keep people healthy without having to get physical exercise.

Maybe I'll read this in 30 years and be suprised.